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New Tricks

Grandpa has been teaching Girl a new trick of blowing two party blowers at once today.

Whilst they have been being productive I have been nursing my ever swelling face. The toothache has gone to Morrissey levels and beyond now (I once had really terrible toothache after seeing Mozza once and I use this pain amount as a level).
In the middle of the night I gave up hope of coping until we are home at my own dentist and so at 6.30 got prepared to call the emergency dentist line. The line opened at 9am and I was ready and was calling at 1 minute past. There was a long queue and after 15minutes my mobile gave up and so I had to restart on the landline. This time after ten minutes I was through and answering questions about pain and the size of my face. After the questions I was told there were no more appointments today so sorry.

After a little wincing they gave me the number of the other emergency dentist that was probably closer who may let me see them. I called them and they soon called me back. They agreed that I needed to see an emergency dentist but had to see the first lot and not them, even though they had appointments, as they were not in my NHS primary trust due to my location.

I pleaded that there were no appointments and then they checked for themselves and agreed, there were no appointments, but this did not change the guidelines which state, that regardless of pain, I can not be seen outside of my NHS primary trust area and so would have to cope on my own and A&E was the only alternative.

With enough of the day wasted I opted for the chemist, instead of a long festive wait in A&E at the bottom of the list. I stocked up on pills and potions, and opted for the safety of the sofa and the bed.

It has been a long day so far and it just keeps getting longer. As I type the right hand of my face continues to throb and grow. I have yelled, cried and been a bit angry. I still do not know if I can see a dentist tomorrow but we are going to hit the phones early and hope that a non-bank holiday will be in our favour. I hope so, I really do, and I hope they simply pull the thing out, I don't want it anymore, it clearly doesn't like me!

It looks like the north will have to put up with this soft southerner a little longer. Thanks for feeding the cat!

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