Daily Encapsulation

By Benjofranco

My Proper Christmas!

Unfortunately this year I have had to work over the Christmas holidays (am not sure if i've mentioned it on here much......hmmm) and so my parents and Jenny were kind enough to delay Christmas, to a point, so that I may get some kind of festive experience.

Today was that festive experience! Jenny and I opening our presents to each other as well as Jenny's presents to my Mum and Dad and vice versa. Was a lovely start to what has turned out to be a lovely day!! Jenny got me some absolutely fantastic pressies.

We delayed the traditional Christmas meal and it was well worth the wait! Another triumph by my mum. Roasties done to perfection, honey glazed parsnips, Christmas Chipolatas, and Pheasant among many other bits and bobs. It was gorgeous.

I'm sat here in the back room currently typing this out so I feel the call to join them all in the front room so that I don't seem too anti-social. Would just like to sign off by wishing people a belated Merry Christmas and that everyone took full advantage of their holidays and had the time of their life.

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