Life Naturally

By lifenaturally

Tempus fugit.....

Treated myself to a bit of time travel just now - scrolling back through a year of blips and reading many of your wonderful comments.

What a gratifying experience this past year of blipping has been!!! Even though I didn't obsess about taking a blipfoto each day, I loved the rambles and scrambles as I searched for photo ops, with the occasional surprise to keep things interesting - sharing a bit of the surroundings I live with each day. And the writing..... a good way to keep the mind sharp, expand the vocabulary and practice those punctuation lessons from elementary school ;-0

As others have said far better than I, it is primarily about the virtual friendships that has kept me posting to my journal as often as possible. Your kind words and thoughtful comments are appreciated more than you know. Just wish I could gather you in for a hug!

To the folks at blip central, a huge thank-you for creating a truly remarkable phenomenon!!

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