Life Naturally

By lifenaturally

Daily surprise.....

"Oh, dear - she's posted yet another drab and dreary colorless sky. Doesn't she get bored looking at that same darned palm tree morning after morning....?"

Honestly folks, the window I open first each morning faces to the east and I am always eager to see what the sky will look like. Always have ever since I was a kid....

My daughter thinks I'm nuts (and I probably am a bit) but in my maturity, with fewer sunrises ahead, I find myself doubly interested in the daily morning offering of heavens and clouds, the possibility of a lingering moon, the silhouettes of the water tower, the billboard (it advertises what the Florida Lotto is worth this week) and yes, even that ever present palm tree.

Great flocks of crows awaken and shriek their way across the sky, the mallards on the pond take off for their day at a much larger lake, and most every day, the sun puts on a show..... good morning ;-0

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