There Must Be Magic

By GirlWithACamera

Attack of the Box Creature!

For cats, one of the best things about the holidays is the BOXES!!!

My husband ordered a new bike about a week before Christmas, and it finally arrived a few days later than expected. He opened the box and pulled the bike out; set it aside to assemble it later.

Dexter the Tabby immediately crawled inside the box and began playing in the box. A few strategic holes added to the fun.

Floofy, rattly mice are among Dexter's favorite toys. This bright pink mouse is a brand new one. You can tell because it still has its tail. (Dexter is famous for chewing the tails off his toy mice, then rendering them additional bodily harm.)

Through the hole in the box you can see Dexter's tabby-striped face, a few white whiskers, and his terracotta nosepad. Out reaches Dexter's stripey foot with its ultra-clean white paw to grab the pink mouse by its much-coveted tail: Box Creature attacks!!!!

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