The Lozarithm Lens

By lozarithm

Return To The Donkeys

This afternoon I drove past the field where the Christmas Day Donkey had been, and stopped off there briefly.

I'd already made two stops at the top of Naish Hill. The first was for a male pheasant I'd seen at the roadside but as soon as I opened the car door it made a startled call and flew off. Then I'd seen a very large group of rooks among some stubble, but again they all took flight into the refuge of some tree-tops the moment I started to get out of the car. It was a single track road and I hadn't been able to pull over near enough to photograph them from the car.

The donkeys and ponies luckily decided to stay firmly on the ground and allowed me to take a few shots. I chose the other donkey this time. It has markedly paler markings on its face.

There were more ponies by the Avon at Reybridge. One was lying apparently lifeless on the grass, with its head on the wet grass, and I was slightly concerned. It raised its head as I walked nearby but didn't get up. It was fine, though, and stood up to rub necks with another pony a little later.

Pony On Naish Hill
Donkey And Ponies On Naish Hill
Donkey And Pony Group

Blip #585
Consecutive Blip #006
Day #645

Lenses: Sigma 70-300mm, Pentax 17-70mm

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