The Lozarithm Lens

By lozarithm


Another dull, grey wet day, but at least relatively mild. I walked down to the Wharf to have a look at Swanny, Calne's solitary landlocked swan.

I'd shown him yesterday to my birdwatcher brother, the Spotlight Kid, but we couldn't see the distinctive orange markings on the crown of his head from where he was swimming. I had a better look this afternoon and can confirm that they aren't there anymore. There are some pits in his plumage just there so maybe he has lost a feather or is in the process of growing another. Perhaps this was the last vestige of his cygnet plumage disappearing?

My brother remarked that a swan ought to be able to take off from the length of the Wharf, so his reluctance to fly may be psychological. It is possible that another swan will land and encourage him to use his wings. He appears never to have taken wing, possibly traumatised by the fate of his two brother cygnets who were run over. Here's hoping.

Earlier blips of Swanny:
Swanny in July
Swanny in October
Swanny earlier in December

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