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By ajt

Recursive Blip 2

Okay, this is the last one one in the series. The background is yesterday's blip, which it's self was recursive. In the foreground of the blip are three compact cameras.

1) My Olympus XA and A11 flash. I found this camera in a friend's fruit bowl (they had just moved house). He didn't want it and gave it to me. I don't use it much since going digital but it's a nice collectable camera and still works perfectly.

2) My Pentax UC-1 (Espio Mini in Europe). I bought this while living in the US. It was my go-anywhere camera for many years - you can see the metal paint has rubbed off quite significantly. Again since going digital it doesn't get much use, but is still in full working order.

3) Our Canon Powershot A480. This is our second digital camera, and we bought the cheapest camera we could find so we could take it anywhere and n0t worry about breaking it. It's the camera I took the picture of the Pendolinio trains at Piccadilly station.

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