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I got myself the Farscape DVD boxed set for Christmas. As TV has been terrible this Christmas, I've managed to watch the first season right through. Today I watched the first disk again but the commentary tracks. Some interesting comments but far too much "me! me!" to be that that interesting.

The best commentary tracks are when you find things out about the programme or film you are looking at, there is nothing worse than silly stories about events that are not on screen or are just the vain ramblings of the cast or crew.

I gather the font for the title sequence and on the DVD spines is apparently called Pritchard created by Martin Wait if you are into little details.

We did actually go out for a walk and I took my camera with me, we got as far as the postbox where we dropped a letter off and it started to pour with rain, so we came home instead of walking any further - hence the DVD watching.

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