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After some more presents we popped out to the shops in the hope of going to the bank and getting some air. The bank was shut but the shops were not so we had a look around some of the sales but nothing really took our fancy. In a clothes shop I spotted this wall display. I thought it was good for Wife to pose by in the hope that come the new year we may get some more life (sleep). As Taking the shot was not easy as the little ones were kicking off again, particularly Boy who then pushed a changing room door open as I took this, blocking Wife. I thought this set the irony well and so it had to be the shot of the day.

We had hoped to find some new shoes for the little ones but nothing was any good and then the little ones started running riot in the shop, so we had to remove them.

In the afternoon we went to a friends for a first birthday party which was very nice and we got to catch up about the holidays. Girl was particularly happy to see her friend, so much that as soon as the front door opened she disappeared off so quick that people thought we had not actually brought her with us.

Back home after dinner tonight something strange happened. I removed Boy from his high chair as he was getting annoyed and placed him on the floor. I then slipped in something on the floor. Thinking it was just some dinner he had dropped I carried on getting bits from the table. I then looked down and was confused as to how the mess I had smeared all over the floor did not look like the burgers we had been eating. Wife came over to inspect. It didnt smell nice so maybe it was the cat, but it had just appeared from nowhere. looking at the little ones both were fully clothed so this was quite odd.

It turned out that Boy had completed such an impressive plop that he had suffered from some nappy overspill that somehow must have dropped straight down his leg on the floor before us, a bit like the tunnellers in The Great Escape. Thankfully we managed to catch him before anymore was dispersed during his exercise time.

A fitting clean up to end the year!

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