There Must Be Magic

By GirlWithACamera

What Do You Mean, "Happy New Year"?

Dexter the Tabby rang out the old year with a nice, thorough bath. Of course we all want to present our best selves to the new year. At our house, we welcome the new year with ultra-clean, white paws! (There's even a flash of pink jellybean toe under there.)

Dexter's fur shows evidence of a recent washing. Yes, that's a tongue mark or two in the upper left quadrant of the photo.

The famous tabby "M" appears prominently on his forehead, and above that the stripes come together to form a rosette (which I think of as the kissing spot). He seems a bit startled by the swift arrival of the new year - and by my camera's flash - but otherwise is in good spirits.

Welcome, new year! May we all greet you with clean, white paws, and a positive attitude!

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