Exploring Brandon Park with Son #1.

Ascending the steps towards the old police station, a stone building of great character.

Son #1 has decided I spend too much time on, 'Blipcom' and has decided he wants to do his own 365 project. Being too young for blipfofo I'll set him up with his own blog page.

We tried a gutter shot together this morning - he's already closer to the ground so has an inbuilt advantage.

He kept spotting opportunities for photographs and pointing them out.

We had a mid walk chat and hot chocolate at Boston Tea Party.

He said, at the end of our walk, that it had been, 'not bad'.

I spent last night with a streaming nose and eyes from sinus trouble. Can't imagine I was marvellous company but managed to see the New Year in.

Hope you're enjoying the first day of 2012 and I wish you a great year ahead.

The other ones!

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