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New Year, New Hat!

HAPPY NEW YEAR to those Blippers who didn't read yesterday's HAPPY NEW YEAR Blip!

This is the hat H fell in love with in the January sales when we popped into town the other day. There was no price tag on it and we couldn't find another one the same so we took it to the desk to enquire. The assistant couldn't find out how much it was, couldn't call anyone for help because no-one was responding to her call button and was desperate to get rid of us because there was a long, snaking and tut-tutting queue building up behind us. So she hit a button and charged us a token 50p. Not a bad day's work :-)

Went for a New Year's Day walk round the lakes. The boys got wet and sandy in roughly equal amounts and we discovered that Noah's wellies, which fit him less than a week ago now don't fit him at all. Seems he's put in some serious growing over the festive season.

Discovered that my dad was taken into hospital and discharged about three days ago...but of course he didn't like to bother me...

And H has been nursing a huge ulcer on his tongue for about four days now. His grandfather's stoicism has not been passed down through the bloodline because unlike Granddad H is quite happy to bother me...and bother me...and whinge a bit...and then a bit more. He eschews Bonjella or Aloe Gel or anything which might ameliorate the problem, preferring instead to wince and look pained every few minutes...and whinge. He's also talking like the love child of Janet Street Porter and The Elephant Man.


Edit: We've taken all our deccies down and the house is all clean and tidy. Noah is currently perched at the top of the stairs sobbing, "I want the Christmas tree back. I LOVED that Christmas tree." Oops.

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