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Christmas Tree {7288.2}

1/366 {2012}


Has it really been almost a year since I last blipped? I truly cannot believe that.

I mean, I knew it had been a while - a few months maybe, six at the most. But a year? Wow. I have some making up to do!

Today's blip is our Christmas tree. I thought I probably should take a picture of it before it gets taken down and packed away until December. It's only a teeny-tiny tree, not like the 6ft one we usually have. We were short on space this year. It's pretty though, and unusual - and the bonus is that it folds down really small for storage.

I was pleased with how pretty it looked with just a few small, tasteful decorations.

I hope everyone had a truly blessed Christmas, and that 2012 will bring you everything you dream of and more.

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