Alice in Blipland

By Alicemaylara

Grouse Goings On

I have had a rather productive Bank Holiday. Normally I'm not very good at making the most of an extra day off but today I managed to do my weekly food shop and write all of my thank you cards.

I had an excellent walk on the moor with my friend too. Poor her though, she wasnt prepared for the chilly winds so i think she is secretly cursing me for taking her on a three hour walk! Whoops! It's a good job there are people as mad as me though or else I wouldn't have anyone to walk with on bank holidays. I think she does like walkies with me, apparently it keeps her fit :)

We stopped by this rock so Barney could have a little picnic. (I'm the one in the pink coat! :P

Brace yourself for the storm tomorrow

And thats todays one through the looking glass

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