Alice in Blipland

By Alicemaylara

Long Term Goals = Long Term Gains?

Well its my first drip blip! I really wanted to go to the top of the moor tonight and the fact that it was raining and windy wasn't going to stop me. It was a little tricky at times but if you have the right gear you will be fine! The only problem is ALL my equipment will be wet tomorrow

I have decided on something today. I have always wanted to live on a croft in the middle of nowhere somewhere in Scotland with dogs, pigs and chickens. But there is one fundamental problem with this amazing plan? I need money! To realise my dream I think I need to save for at least seven years. So from today no more luxuries. I'm pretty good at saving anyway but today I'm going to step it up a notch. I need something to look forward to long term. I don't think I can cope with being stuck in a 9-5 job for the rest of my life. It ISN'T ME! (This plan may change if I meet someone who loves what I love?! (Calling all farmers who love Scotland and dogs!)

And thats todays one through the looking glass

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