Tractor Factory Photos

By TractorFactoryPhotos

The name's Cane.....Michael Cane...

Don't you just love that wee layer of bureaucracy that exists just to hamper every day life. I'm talking about things like auditors, injury claims lawyers and in this case Health and Safety regulators and their rules. Why do we need the people that are not customers, don't create or produce anything or provide any service, yet sit right in the middle of the process to hamper it?

I have a small bamboo cane on my desk that just sits in a little water in a small glass, sitting next to my cup of water. I've been told I need to remove it because it doesn't comply with health and safety regulations.

But it's okay, I've worked a way around it by employing this cunning disguise. Next time our friendly inspector comes round, they'll never recognize my little green friend.

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