Sunlit Doorway

By TammyMelodyG

darkness in the light

because my bicycle is currently in the shop (boo! but then, yay!), i have been walking a lot more than i typically would. you can see so much when you're not in a car, but i guess i needed a dose of pedestrian perspective because i saw something that took me by surprise.

i've passed light fixtures like this one--along an entrance way to the university where i work--but from a bicycle seat i never got a chance to really assess the situation. but walking past one of these concrete pedestaled lights tonight, i noticed a grim reality. somehow, tiny insects are making their way into the light box, becoming trapped in what becomes a virtual well-lit mausoleum.

not to be too morose, i am reminded that we are perpetually surrounded by the dead and the remnants of the dead. we build on and around these remnants, scaling heights and making human presence bright in the city.

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