Sunlit Doorway

By TammyMelodyG

finding a knife

i glimpsed this knife on the floor of the bus, across the aisle from where i sat. i didn't get all excited about it nor did i ache to own it, but i quickly made a decision to pick it up once i reached my destination. so when the bus emptied at the downtown transfer center--giving anyone else a chance to snap it up first--i finally stepped over and pocketed it.

i really like that it's made of hardwood. i've never seen one like this before. when i got home, and after i'd read about the serial killer terrorizing the West Campus neighborhood of my beloved Austin (Texas), i took stock of my pocket knife collection. i now have three. that's weird--what woman owns three pocket knives? i don't even use them. but tonight, thinking about Esme, i began to wish for personal safety for her, for me, for everyone. of course, it's too late for Esme, may her friends and family be consoled and find comfort soon.Man who murdered Esme Barrera on New Year's Eve is still at large.

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