Thy Acrid Teardrop

By RadicalRadish

101 Things

I set up a "bucket list" on 101 things in 1001 days website. Some of the items are a bit silly and frivolous while others are meaningful or stuff that I've always wanted to do but just not got around to it. One of the tasks is that I'd like to sew and complete a cross stitch or tapestry. Let me say right now that this is no easy challenge for me. I am truly dreadful at arty crafty things, so much so that my mother despaired in trying to teach me to knit and my sewing teacher at school told me to get out of her sight. So, I searched online and discovered 32,200,000 hits that related to "cross stitch". Then when I looked at some of the websites I learned that cross stitch actually is really complicated. Counted cross stitch, printed cross stitch, back-stitch cross stitch. Seriously, I thought my head would explode there and then. Eventually I found a site that is dedicated to 'beginners and child's tapestry and cross stitch' ha that'll do me nicely I thought...

Today's Blip is the little kit that arrived in the post. At first glance it seems straightforward enough, the picture is printed on the fabric, the needle & threads are included and the instructions are very clear and written in plain English. Even being colour blind won't hinder me as the colours are very obvious in their differences.

However, the front of the packaging says "stitch in just 5 hours" and I'm not sure whether that's supposed to be a challenge or whether that is in fact the average time a child takes to complete it. I think I'll give myself five weeks, as it's the first one.

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