Bloody bollocking typical. Two weeks of weather that forced us all to stay mostly indoors then, the day we get back to work, that happens. Not. A. Cloud. Really good to see, but a bit nippy.

Six 'Happy New Years' and around the same 'how was your holiday?' type greetings made for a pretty painless start back to the new session too; partly down to having one less class than normal, partly due to some incorrect information being published about the college's first day back which meant 2/3rds of one class didn't even get out of their beds. It'll be the weekend in no time too, making for a nice gentle slide back into the maelstrom.

Still no land-line or internet so building up to a marathon catch-up session on here when things return to normal by five o'clock tomorrow (Brishit Telecom... you promised...). I've had fun wandering the streets in the cold and the dark hunting down 3G signals to keep up-to-date but I'm sure my car registration plate is on some perv-watch database somewhere. Got it down to a fine art now though - photo prepped, text typed, jump in the car, find a 3G spot (oo-er), connect, upload, copy-and-paste, publish. I'll miss all that.

Post-Christmas diet has begun. Haggis, neeps and tatties. Easy-peasy.

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