at least there are trees, a country-house build in the 17th century, constructed for the duch poet Westerbaen, who planted the trees and collected plants for the garden. There is a nice hyacinth area that glorifies in spring.
In winter the large field before the house can used as a skating-rink, not now anyway. It is not too cold, the sun shines, in the park many people are walking with their dogs.
Mischa and I went to the pond, but the birds were hardly interested in us. Could happen, right? So we go to the park, find the mushrooms and soon enough we go back to warm up again with hot tea.

My haiku:

Why do I stumble
Over the roots of the trees
The sharp sunlight blinds

And the latin proverb:

Though you drive out nature with a fork, it will still return.

And today I wrote my first blog post and I want to share this possibly with you.

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