Travels Through A Lens

By SnapshotSam

Lighting The Lichen

I believe lichen is an indicator of how clean the air is. This is in the centre of Skipton near the railway line. Apparently lichen can grow in extreme conditions including the arctic tundra, deserts, and rocky coastlines as well as a lot of other areas around the world. We have lots of it in Yorkshire too.

The day didn't turn out as planned so no time with the Nikon. I only got this one with the compact as I was heading into Skipton on errands and the sun came out from behind the clouds lighting it up.

Got a book from the library on taking pictures with people in them! That's a novel idea for me. I think these are the most difficult for me as I don't have willing subjects.

Thank you for your lovely comments on 'Need To Negate Negativity' :)

Taken with Canon Ixus

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