Red Flash

By RedFlash

May your cup always be full

I sing in a choir in Winchester and every first Saturday in January we join together with people on the waiting list and anyone else that wishes to sing with us.

It is a great way to start the year.

I've taken lots of photos of the church and the people of which this is one.

We learn songs by listening and repeating them and Sarah, our Musical Director, helps us by waving her hand in the air to denote if the next note is the same, lower down or higher up.

It is a skill that I will never be able to learn.

These few lines are just some that we sang today

May your cup always be full
and may your table always have enough to share
and may your footsteps always be sure
on the road that you travel

Thank you to Sarah for making today possible. We have raised even more money for charity

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