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By EdwardFenner

Veggies & legumes soup with smoked bacon

I have been wanting to make this soup for a few weeks and today was finally the day. Wow, is it ever tasty! A one pound bag of legumes from Picard's Peanuts where we get bulk nuts for the squirrels and some nummies for ourselves. The dried legumes and the recipe on the label looked good and this is the result. After soaking and rinsing and whatnot with the beans and peas I added chopped and sautéed onion and garlic to the chicken broth stock & beans/peas, added chopped carrots, potato, and celery to the pot. Finish off with some diced tomatoes and small strips and chunks of smoked bacon. Cook and voilà! A huge pot full (about 10 bowls worth as shown). Delicious and filling. I barbequed two nights worth of chicken breasts (on which we added some of that yummy cranberry barbeque sauce we tried for the first time having brought it home from Plymouth, MA late last summer. The best part is we get to have the same meal tomorrow ready made!

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