What did I see today...?

By DaveR

In Shadows

Nothing like being stuck in bed all day with a cold to motivate a challenge pic!

This is my first in the 2012 Challenge that blast has set up for anyone and everyone - and week one's topic was 'Shadow'...

Happily the thing about doing a lot of hillwalking, getting geeky lego torches and having a reading lamp is that I have about a billion different ways to create a light source. And viewers of the 'home nations' Blip I made way back when will also know I have a handy shelf/plain wall on which to shoot compositions.

The only really tricky part was balancing the coin in shot - the shelf has a slight lean to it and there's now about 47p's worth of change that rolled down it and dropped behind the bed (including a 20p, who knew they actually roll?)

Hoping to get outside on Sunday, if only to do a faux exercise shot for next week's challenge!

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