What did I see today...?

By DaveR

A Sketchy Day

Ever had a day where you do lots of things and nothing turns out quite right? It doesn't help that I'm still feeling rubbish and though a friend offered to come around and keep me company today I told them not to as I don't want anyone else to get it!

Happily I've got the being ill in bed and catching up on my Blipfoto subscriptions thing down to a tee so hopefully there's some new comments from me about the place for folk (and more to come as the catch up continues!)

The rest of the day has been spent sleeping (it's really easy when you're drained), thinking about writing (but not), thinking about leaving the house (briefly, but only to get lunch), having a Neil Marshall filmfest and then breaking out the paper and pencils and staring at a blank page for a bit...

It didn't stay blank as I tried to put down one of the early scenes from the past November's NaNo, the first mental image I had when I was thinking about the story. As you may recall from earlier rants posts my characters were journeying to Hell to rescue another character. The sketch above is of them pleading their case, as it were, to the Judge of Limbo, who decides where in Hell people go to based on their sins (though as all the characters are Warriors of the Light turns out they're not allowed in - but that's another story).

The Judge does resemble a giant Ringwraith at the moment, or possibly a random Resident Evil person - either way he's immense and it shows. His dais is pretty standard, but it's living and the carved statues beneath continually move to support its weight (or grab unsuspecting Hellbeasties - again, another part of the story!). In any case given I've not done any line drawing or such in years now I'm not surprised this has turned out... meh-ish, but I'm still happier than I was with the first one.

And it's reassuring, at least, that I can still write about the fictional aspect of things!

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