Covered in Bees

By PaulFS


Struggling for a title for this one! :o)

Had a quick trip to the Nature Reserve again but there was very little to be seen today except a very debris strewn riverbank. It looks like when the River Aire went into Spate, it picked up and carried every plastic bag around and dumped them along the way.

Hey it's a Heron! No... it's an old mattress cover.

Woohoo! Kingfisher! Nope... Bit of blue rope.

It's a bloody shark! Oh my God you're right! Camera! Camera! Cammm..... ra.... is... in... bag....

Apologies for being a bit behind on comments again - I was very rude yesterday; just posted and ran! Not a word of thanks! Here's *my* blip, sod yours mate! I'm off!

I'm hopefully going to catch up tonight and tomorrow morning.

Just to reply to a few queries about Yesterday's Blip, it was taken during a (very) brief moment of blue sky. If you know the route between Burnsall and Grassington, it was between the bit where people dive in during the summer (tombstoning?) and the suspension bridge. And OK Yes... I *did* Photoshop out the Golden Eagle. It might be rare and not seen South of Haweswater for many a year but it was In. The. Bloody. Way!

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