Clix : Aperture Wide Shut

By clix


Having been so impressed with all the blippers out there who make shooting portraits look easy I decided to try my hand.

All I needed was a model willing enough to be butchered by my feeble attempts.

Step forward the star that is KiloRomeo. He is a really nice guy who helps out everyone wherever he can.

So, armed with a white room at the office, poor lighting, one bounce flash gun and one reflector we decided to have a go.

Attempt one failed miserably. Too many photographer faults to count.

This is the best I think from the second attempt.

Still lots of errors but blip is a learning process for me. KiloRomeo has graciously allowed me to upload this so that I can look back to chart any progress I make. Very kind.

He had a price for his compliance though.

Next time he's behind the camera.

You have been warned.

PS. A bit formal but I am learning at this. Also, he refused to take his shirt off. Sorry ladies.

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