La vida de Annie

By Annie

Striking out...

... on my own today in my spare time, I was hoping to be bowled over by the Minton floor reveal at St. George's Hall. As usual the lighting was abysmal, and the gallery was closed so I couldn't look down on the magnificent floor and avoid the glare from the lights. I may give it another try with a grown-up camera before the floor's covered up again. On the way to the station for the train home I passed through Clayton Square shopping centre, where my bright shiny colourful things sensor was triggered by the refections in the escalator and stained glass panes in the roof, so I started taking a few discreet pictures with my compact, being sure to avoid people, products or shop names as I just wanted the abstract colours and shapes. In a flash a burly security guard appeared and said "I've let you take a few, but I can't allow you to take pictures in here". I was pretty sure I was within my rights to take pictures in a public place, but not being one for confrontation I said "oh ok" and scurried out. The security person was much bigger and tougher than me and wore huge scary boots and a light moustache - I'm always intimidated by women like that. While she was chasing me out of the shopping centre I expect half a dozen petty thieves were making off with camcorders and designer clothes unobserved, but at least she got rid of a dangerous terrorist... Still, I escaped with this highly-sensitive information, a bit of the escalator and roof windows, which I have photoshopped a little to preserve their privacy.

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