La vida de Annie

By Annie

New camera

A well-meaning friend bought me this for Christmas as an alternative brain exercise to jigsaws. As my movements are a bit limited today - my ankle is swollen like a bowling ball and my head feels like that hefty security guard from yesterday is standing on it with her heavy army boots - I thought I'd give it a go. Failed at the first hurdle on 3 counts: adult supervision is required (I'm on my own), the 25 cardboard components need to be glued into place (glue not included), and finally after the estimated 2-hour construction time it is capable of taking real photos with 35mm fim (film not included). A project for another day I think, although I'm looking forward to testing the claim on the packet that it's "hard to beat". If a cardboard camera beats a Canon 5D mk 2 I'm stuffed.

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