Morning Glory

The view again with modifications. I saw it when I got up and toodled out on the deck to take this photo. And several others... Then off for a morning of bridge with the ladies and errands on the way home. Had to pick up Fiona at the vets. She has another UTI so they are doing a culture to find out what's really going on. It will be a week before they'll know what to prescribe.

Now I'm having fun at my computer for the afternoon. Tonight we go to the Bellingham Classical Guitar Society meeting. We love these meetings. They are usually quite informal with local players taking turns playing for the group. We have some wonderful players here and a great program at Western Washington University. So we often hear the students as they are preparing for recitals. Very enjoyable.

About yesterday's blip. It is the new sea horse light we bought that plugs into our hifi and shines while we watch TV or listen to music.

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