Simple Beauty

It is a frosty morning. I walk along the alley below our house seeking a special photograph because today is my 730th blip. 730 blips in 732 days. I missed two. I even remember the dates. January 16, 2010 and July 4, 2011. Funny about that. Across the alley the neighbors have these weird large plastic troughs that they manufacture and sell. When they are stored bottom up, water gathers and freezes. Leaves sometimes fall in and are frozen. Here is one caught in the ice. It looks like a bronze leaf and is quite beautiful in its simplicity. (Do look large.)

It's been an amazing two years. I never thought I would blip daily but when I missed that first blip in January last year I realized I did want to keep it up daily. Now it is an ingrained habit and my time spent on blip is a regular part of my day. Sometimes I have more time to comment and sometimes less but I do try to do so every day.

What I love about this site most is the wonderful folks who join me each day in friendly comments and sharing of their lives and their photographs. I will probably miss some of you. Please know that any oversight is totally mine and I really do appreciate your coming to share your thoughts.

First thanks to Pilipo who got me into this. Without his suggestion I'd never have even known about blip. And to my most frequent commenter and new friend in person, Tookie. You are the best.

Then there is a whole group of regular commenting buddies. I love you guys. You include seniormoments, orchid99, lali, sam12345, dollydoug, chocolatelover, minch, tiebreaker, viewpoint, GratefulEyes, beveridge, dbifulco, bighill, flashead, pop, quirkygirl, nalini, jeanneb53, and lindee. I know there are more of you so please don't feel left out if I didn't mention your name. I appreciate every comment and every visit to my journal!

A special note about the Quiet Plodder. He was a constant commenter until September 2010 when his blips mysteriously stopped. I fear he is no longer with us but I just wanted to note how much I appreciated his comments and thoughts.

And of course there is the Blip Central crew. I don't know any of you because you all are across the pond. But I do truly appreciate all you do and love this amazing site you created and maintain so lovingly.

Enough chatter. Just a great big thank you to all.

And of course I'm continuing. It's part of who I am by now.

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