The Old Jetty

This, from our files, is a Dunedin icon and is located slap in the middle on the St Clair/ St Kilda beaches.
Now why, I hear you ask, is he blipping a photo from the other side of the planet.
The answer is this:- A little while ago we received a wedding invitation to my nephew's wedding in Central Otago, New Zealand. Originally we were unable to get tickets at sensible prices but, this morning, we tried again and, with son Andrew's help, succeeded in arranging flights right through to Dunedin. A couple of quick calls to Oz & NZ followed then a complete blipping faff trying to sort out the insurance cover.
All now fixed up and the domestic arrangements also done & dusted so all we have to do is pack our cases and get to the airport.
From being a bit sad that we were not going to make it to all booked up in one day! Really looking forward to spending some time with family and friends - and adding a few more good shots to the blip folio.
There is a down-side though, we will miss grandson Euan and a certain little cocker spaniel. Makes the coming home all the sweeter though.

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