Covered in Bees

By PaulFS

Black and White Wednesday

Bradford Cathedral - a familiar haunt for me and Blip. Went for a bit of a wander at lunchtime but everything was so gray and I found little inspiration so I made a decision to take home what I'd got and see if I could use a bit of processing to make something.

Decided to try a bit of Black and White - not as easy as it looks is it!

Some great suggestions yesterday for continuing the theme (Minaret Monday, Tulip Tuesday) - this qualifies I think. (My game... my rules!)

And as IWC, (who does excellent Black and White Blippage) pointed out (To quote) "Today, has to be Hump Day (but I don't know where you will find a camel) - because it is then downhill to weekend :)"

HappyHump Day :o)

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