All that is beautiful

By sharob

Fire in the sky ...

Looks like the sky is on fire.

I love watching the sky, day or night. It's fascinating. Always puts me in my place.

2 years ago we lived in a house in the village which backed out onto fields, I taught my then nearly 3 year old to see when rain was coming, got so good at it myself that I started bringing the toys in and as I closed the door, it rained! My and Clara used to play in the rain together, used to let her splash barefoot in the rain. Ahh, memories of a place I miss with all my heart.

2 months ago, I lived in a house where I could hardly see the sky, I never felt at home there - granted there were lots of problems with the house but I hated that I couldn't see out - which was crazy given the amount of windows and how light the house could get.

Now, we're in this house, it's all low level housing here, just like a village ... I can see again, out of both the front and back of the house. The moment we looked at the house, I knew this was home. All we need to do is stay for longer than a year!

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