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Day13: Unlucky for some...

Todays Blip was probably my greatest debated so far. At one point I was going to write 'things' on a 13 pieces of card and hold up in front of my face at one point, just to complete it so I could shut my brain down.

In the end, I decided to make use of it. Last year was a bad year for me, possibly... I was made redundant from a job I've been in for the last decade. It wasn't really me though - I'm creative (I hope!) minded, not really financial which is what I was employed as. I decided it was time to do what I've always wanted and try and go pro with a camera. SO it was bad getting made redundant for very obvious reasons. Mortgages don't pay themselves, food doesn't appear by magic and no matter how tightly I bind them in bandages my sons feet insist on growing at a rate that would suggest alien DNA :p (that's a joke BTW, I don't really bind them to stop them growing. The wife won't let me...)

So todays blip is quite simple; me and my bank balance!

Nothing quite like that to concentrate the mind to make a go of things...

I was debating re-shooting it as I thought the photo made my nose look about the same size as concords. Then I realised, it's the fact my nose is about the same size as concords that makes it look that way, not my photography skills.

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