Child Free Morning

So, this is how my child free morning went:

Last night:

Went to bed looking forward to a lie-in.

This morning:

Woke at 5.30 as usual.
Up boiling kettle at 6.15.
Attempt re-entry into sleepy land.
Up boiling kettle at 7.15.

Out of house by 8.30
Drinking this cappuccino and eating a West Country Breakfast.

Child free evening last night:

Went for an Indian with Mrs RB on return from playing five a side football and a few pints following.

Indian very tasty. Followed by falling asleep on the sofa at 9pm.
Woke up at 10pm to go upstairs and fall asleep in correct location.

Out mountain biking now. But it is a bit cold. But I was hoping it was going to get colder!

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