Street Art #8

A gorgeous morning.

The boys and I, a trio of photographers, each carrying a camera.

Son #1 insists on using a mini tripod at all times.

Son #2 sometimes holds the camera back to front and takes numerous shots of his face.

We walked around the dock side in Bristol, crystal clear blue skies above and bright sunshine.

Crouching down, gutter shots, tripod shots, end of ship shots, sky shots.

Two small hot chocolates and a cappuccino in the Arnolfini.

Child free was great yesterday but plus children is great too.

Son #1 laid down the law as to the limits of our perambulation and was fairly clear about his desire for a trip to a cafe (some might say insistent and to some ears it may have sounded like persistent nagging..!).

Anyway, this is a bit of Street Art in Redcliffe, a part of central Bristol that survived the war intact(ish).

I had to push the wheelie bin out of the way which horrified Son #1. I think he suspected that there is a special branch of the local constabulary solely devoted to catching members of the public who nudge bins out of position.

We got away with it this time.. Have a great afternoon. Sunday afternoon represents an opportunity that can easily be squandered!

The also rans!

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