All that is beautiful

By sharob

Writing is a dying art ..

... Which I'm determined to keep alive!

I was part of a large group of ladies, our babies were born in March 2007, we met on an online parenting forum and most of us hit it off! When one of our Mums was given the terrible news that her 'Marchie' had been diagnosed with an aggressive cancer we were massively united in our love for him.

A few months back, I felt that the group as a whole weren't supportive of me when I was having a particularly bad time, what got me was the outpouring of love for some ladies and a 'get over it' to me when I struggled to bond with Storm. I decided to take myself away from the group save 6 ladies who I'd met up with and got along with really well.

Well, now that our babies are all a little older, at school and learning to write, my remaining group of 6 decided to encourage our children to 'pen pal' each other! They all know that they were all born in March and their birthdays are close together. Clara has written all her friends names and is now drawing princesses on all her girls cards.

I bought up our friend who's son had cancer, well, before Christmas at Clara's school, they wanted to teach children that there were children who weren't as well off or very sick over Christmas, to teach children compassion. Clara took our story in to school and had the teachers crying. She told the teachers about Oliver - the boy she never met but who was very sick and is now playing up in the clouds, how we bought presents for the children who were sick in hospital, how Daddy will be biking from London to Paris in memory of Oliver ..

We've taught her compassion, generosity and most importantly .. How to write! :)

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