Cairns Day 6

We had a slower start today. Most of the group had booked a snorkelling tour on the reef. Not really my thing. Maybe if I could have taken a rod along and hung a line over the side.

Jo, Myself, Kathie, Brad and Olivia went off to the Cairns Show, which as luck would have it was on during our stay. Just about every town in Queensland has an agricultural/trade show at some time during ear. We entered via sideshow alley which probably wasn't the best start for me. It was noisy and the smell of fried food made me a bit queasy even though I was really hungry.

The show was great though. For me the highlight was a lure fishing demonstration. The chap doing the demo had a 30 foot glass tank filled with fish. He demonstrated with hookless lures and His rod technique was particularly interesting. Needless to say he was selling lures. Jo gave me the look so I didn't buy any.

We parted company with Kathie and Brad mid afternoon because I had had enough of the noise and smell and went back to the Casino Skydome Bird Sanctuary. That is where I encountered this fellow. If I stopped walking he gently nipped my ear so I had a nervous 10 minutes of walking around under the control of this amazing bird. It was fun and kill some time until we had to pick up the others from the reef cruise.

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