'Cause if I didn't I'd probably be having a wee greet to myself in the corner.

Came home to find Samantha wrapped up in her outdoor clothes trying to get the heating to work. It was absolutely fine when we left this morning, but it looks like, yet again, our crappy heating system's given up the ghost. And, of course, this has to happen during the only real cold snap we've had so far this winter.

On top of last week's crisis (ahem) with the telephone and having to go out yesterday to buy a new Dyson after that fell apart during a vigorous vacuuming session on Saturday we're getting the feeling that the curse placed upon us by an old wrinkly Bulgarian gypsy* wifie a few years back might be kicking in. We're now sitting here huddled around a couple of electric heaters (including the fancy Apple iHeater up there) wrapped up in wooly cardigans and watching the BBC Stargazing programme (but scared to open the door and go out and look at the stars for fear of letting all the heat out). The Sky box is even playing up with random sound syncing issues now. Blue Monday indeed.

Hopefully the problem's nothing major and a wee skoosh with WD40 (as a plumber friend suggested) from the engineer tomorrow'll sort everything out.

*The old wrinkly Bulgarian gypsy wifie was dragging a really sad looking bear with her, by a chain attached through a nasty looking nose ring, trying to force us to buy some pathetic looking sprigs of weeds she said were lucky charms. I had a 'polite' go at her for forcing the animal around in such a barbaric and cruel way and she proceeded to chase me off shouting something in Bulgarian and waving her stick at me. She had a bear on a chain with her so I didn't pursue the discussion, but everyone agreed I'd been properly cursed.

It feels like it sometimes.

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