Somewhere Dark

Detour along one of the back roads on the way home tonight, scouting out spots to add to a little side project.

Almost didn't get anything at all as, in my rush to park up in the middle of the road and use the car headlights to light up the pitch black, I stuck the camera on the front of the car to steady it for a longer exposure, but didn't switch the engine off. Ended up with a dozen shoogly shots down to the vibration from the car. This was the least shoogly of the bunch.

So far tonight we've had no crisis. The internet's ticking over nicely, the new hoover's hoovering and the central heating and hot water's back functioning. We may have had a 'Safety Advice Notice' issued due to the incompetence of the house builder (it seems the electricity was installed by the plumbers and the plumbing was put in by the electricians) but we're cozy and warm after a night of walking around like the Michelin man family with the 5 layers of clothing we had to wear last night.

Still no stars to gaze at though.

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