Blooming lovely

My amaryllis is finally out!! It's been standing there on the kitchen table looking impressively phallic since before Christmas and this morning it burst forth.

Hectic day getting everyone back into working mode after the madness of the last few days.Not much to report. We might go to see War Horse - I'm a bit apprehensive as we saw it on stage a couple of years ago and it was such an astonishing bit of theatre that there is no way Spielberg could compete. We were in the front row at the theatre and I practically had a dying horse in my lap at one point, tissues were required. A friend of mine's daughter was playing the role of Joey as a foal and she invited us backstage afterwards - that also was an amazing experience. The models of the horses were slightly bigger than full size and incredible bits of technology and very complicated to operate and wear - 3 humans were needed to operate each. I have stroked Joey the foal!

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