By earthdreamer

The Copse

Big Copse (recommended)

I'm feeling a bit sorry for myself at the moment. The bruises and stiffness from my fall the other night are now coming out, and this cold has sapped all my energy. I have plans for a little overseas trip leaving tomorrow morning but all I really want to do right now is get into bed and sleep! I hate not being my normal dynamic self.

I did force myself out for a little bimble on the bike in the hope that might make me feel a bit better, but the truth is that it just reaffirmed my lack of any energy, and to add insult to injury I picked up another puncture. At least it gave me the opportunity to blip these trees finally. I've taken photographs of this copse on countless occasions but they've always been dropped in favour or something better or perhaps something less easy to capture again. They deserve their moment in the limelight. There is something very appealing about their situation. I can only imagine that someone, at some time a good many years ago, must have decided to plant these trees. Whoever you were, I salute your vision as a landscape artist.

There are many of my good blip mates here who I've not now connected with in a while. And some new subscribers who I haven't managed to acknowledge at all. I'm really sorry about that but time has been short and I guess everyone understands how it is with other commitments. All I can say, once again, is that it is your comments and stars and hearts that are keeping me going with this journey. I feel bad at not being able to thank you all individually, but your encouragement is valued beyond words. You are all very special people. The best I can do for the moment is to keep trying to come up with an engaging blip each day.

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