a light rain and I thought it will disappear if I go for a walk. And it did eventually.
I walked another path and followed my nose till I came at a spot between houses with a square pond, there were the swans, old and young ones, that I at other times had seen in the big pond along the cycle-path.
I stood at the shore for a while and suddenly around a corner at the other side of the water an enormous gackle of geese came walking, they stood still for some time and if by appointment they all began to run and flew towards me over the pond. They landed with much noise right before me where I stood.
There were white ones and Nile goose and I looked and saw a lot of interaction between them. For instance a sudden outbreak of snapping each other and two of them starting to court with in my eyes some tenderness.
After the rain the clouds disappeared in slow tempo and looking through the window I see an all blue sky.

My haiku:

Could I be as roses
In the vase the yellow one
For instance the sweet

And the proverb:

Better short and sweet than long and lax.

Because I'm travelling tomorrow, I have already posted on my blog. It's about getting into trouble by being impulsive.

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