Union City Blue

An art gallery in Bradford with reflections of the city in it. A union of clouds in the actual picture and clouds in it's reflection. The shapes and the lines are a scrambled mix of the same: art work and the city's buildings.

Taken on a trip into town to see a patient.

I was worried that I may have been knocked down today as for the first time in years I had knickers and bra on that didn't match: sure fire sign that you will end up in the back of an ambulance . Luckily I lived to tell the tale.

TTTCNBM is definitely showing some progress but there is a lot of unpicking and unscrambling to do

One day this will all be yesterday's news and we can all get back to skipping along gaily down the street ( Did I REALLY just become Enid Blyton ??? )

A heavy day but I have some fabulous colleagues and fabulous friends and a fabulous bottle or Shiraz to have later

First me and the girls are going to have a carpet picnic in the lounge and watch nonsense TV programmes.

More Blue

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