Who am I to disagree?

By longshanks


The view from our flat of Balhousie North Inch Care Home does make you wonder what the future may hold and the end of the Birding 2011 project has made me stall a little bit in my blipping and also wonder what the future of that may be.

I've decided to create a photo book of Birding 2011 and that has had me going through my past blips and that has made me realise how much I enjoy the fact that this journal exists and that has provided the appropriate motivation to put up all these backblips - some are more interesting than others and some have been stolen directly from RCB:

Mallard (Male)
Christmas Cacti
Going Nowhere
Bridges across the Tyne
Black Redstart (Female)

So there we are back up to date. Ah, well, now I'd better mention that I'm off tomorrow to meet up with my climbing / skiing / poetry reading friends for our annual Winter Gathering so probably won't be able to blip for a few days!

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