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Ohhhhh! The Lowkey Bokeh...

I have a confession to make. I cheated a little on my blip today *gasp!*

Yep, I actually started doing some work on it last night. I didn't take the shot till this morning, but felt I should come clean about that.

I now feel cleansed of my misdemeanour :)

So... I've always loved the perfect roundness achieved in bokeh by a high quality multi bladed lens. I have however always hated the term 'bokeh'. And the discussion of it. I can only ever hear it said in a northern accent for some reason, and usually the 'hokey cokey' pings into my head at the same time. So I have a norther bloke singing hokey cokey running around in my head. All day.

Today I've put that to good use, hence the title and style of the picture. Japanese dolls were the obvious choice as 'bokeh' comes from a Japanese term. Because I love the perfect roundness of the bokeh achieved by my lens, I obviously decided to modify it and made a paper filter to make it anything but round. Because I can. And for some reason I think our two Dolls look like lovers.

So there.

OK I may be getting cabin fever...

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