Send me Photographs and Souvenirs.....

At about 530 am this morning, the Kittehs decided to perform the dance of the Demented Banshees.

There was a lot of skidding, squealing, and scratching; then in a scrum of fur and paws, they fell against the door and banged it shut.

I was quite prepared to feign sleep, and let them be stuck, but the scratching kicked in after about 3 minutes. Both of them, both paws, up and down the door. Si very kindly, (well not so much kindly), got up and threw, let them out, and took them all the way down to the front door, and kicked them into the garden asked them if they would like to venture out for a pee.

He got back into bed, and I pondered that middle aged part of me that says "You do need a pee - go now, or you might wet the bed". I lay for sometime and then gave in. When I came back, I picked up my phone, and checked for messages from Boy! There was one! Hello Boy! I responded to it and was overjoyed, if not slightly perturbed that he was still up.

His news was grand, and I am now here to share it with you.

Look See, My Boy Blipped. There he is, next to Katie. This made my heart sing. He has a way with words, and if he can just devote a few minutes to it a day, I think he should produce some lovely tales. (But not the ones of the Jack Daniels, and Being sick on the highway Boy okay).

Please stop by and say Hello. He is my lovely Boy and he is far away from me, but as ever - Blip makes everyone seem closer!


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